DH Bot

Access the DreamHost web panel API with speed and simplicity using your iPhone or iPod touch. Check account status, domain registrations, disk usage, and more.

  • All network traffic uses HTTPS
  • API keys are stored in a locally encrypted file
  • Ad supported
  • Simple & straightforward user interface

Download DH Bot on the App Store

Create your API keys through the DreamHost Web Panel, then come back and add them to DH Bot. Once you’ve added a key you’re ready to start executing API commands.

API Commands Supported in v1.1.0


  • Overall status (account-status)
  • Domain usage (account-domain_usage)
  • User usage (account-user_usage)
  • SSH keys (account-list_keys)

Announcement List

  • Lists (announcement_list-list_lists)


  • Records (dns-list_records)


  • Hosted (domain-list_domains)
  • Registered (domain-list_registrations)
  • Domain availability check (domain-registration_available)


  • Users (jabber-list_users)


  • Filter list (mail-list_filters)


  • Databases (mysql-list_dbs)
  • Hostnames (mysql-list_hostnames)
  • Users (mysql-list_users)

Private Server

  • Servers (dreamhost_ps-list_ps)
  • Reboot (dreamhost_ps-reboot)


  • Users (user-list_users_no_pw)

Features in Development

These are features in development listed from highest to lowest priority. The priorities may shift based upon feedback and reviews but the top three are unlikely to change.

  1. Add API commands for adding/removing data. This takes the most effort since it involves input validation and some commands return a service token.
  2. Add a tab for service status for long running commands (like creating a PS).
  3. Add detailed views for existing and new commands since the subtitle text in table cells is cramped.
  4. Add a tab to select the API command first then reverse lookup the API keys that allow it to run.
  5. Add icons for command categories so browsing through the list has some visual cues.
  6. Add language support beyond English but it’s not clear what the market demands.


DH Bot is not endorsed or affiliated with DreamHost LLC. Access to DreamHost service requires an account, which is not provided by Unsaturated Innovations LLC. Features in the app may be restricted based upon the capabilities of your API keys. API calls, if too frequent, may be throttled by DreamHost LLC.