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DH Bot v1.1.0

API calls no longer require points or in-app purchases. DH Bot is ad-supported and free to use. Market forces pushed DH Bot in a direction I didn’t anticipate but one that I now accept. Design is personal but the people have spoken and they overwhelmingly want advertisements instead of IAP. This release adds one API […]

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DH Bot v1.0.0

DH Bot is now available to download from the App Store. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. It’s incomplete in terms of full web panel API support but I wanted community feedback before going too far in the direction I personally think is best. As a DreamHost customer myself, I’m dogfooding DH […]

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About DH Bot

DH Bot is my newest app designed for the App Store. If you’re not sure what DH Bot is, then read its summary page and come back. The short version: Access the DreamHost web panel API with speed and simplicity using your iPhone or iPod touch. Check account status, domain registrations, disk usage, and more. Name […]

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