DH Bot v1.1.0

API calls no longer require points or in-app purchases. DH Bot is ad-supported and free to use. Market forces pushed DH Bot in a direction I didn’t anticipate but one that I now accept. Design is personal but the people have spoken and they overwhelmingly want advertisements instead of IAP.

This release adds one API command: rebooting a PS host (dreamhost_ps-reboot). Note: to reboot the server, it will have to be selectable from a list of servers which means your API key needs to support dreamhost_ps-list_ps. An alert will ask for confirmation before scheduling the reboot.

In place of the Points (in app purchases) tab you’ll find a History tab which lists all the commands you’ve executed with DH Bot. One more non-API feature: obscuring the API keys. In the Settings app you can toggle if the last eight characters are hidden or displayed by DH Bot.

DH Bot Settings

If you like the changes then please write a review. More reviews drive more downloads, which is vital to ad-supported applications.

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