Elevator CEO v2.0

The changes in version 2.0 of Elevator CEO are significant. I mentioned in the previous blog post that advertisements would be the major change, and they’re in this update. Italian is now a supported language, which was a feature delayed far too long.

Unlike previous updates which included benign but value-added changes, I deliberated how best to implement advertisements because—let’s face it—ads can be annoying. What resulted from those sleepless nights of contemplation? Here’s the rundown of major changes.

No advertisements on smaller displays

This means iPhone® 4, 4s and 4th generation iPod® Touch devices enjoy an ad-free experience. Elevator CEO was originally developed for this screen size. Maintaining design integrity was paramount and inserting a 50px high ad banner would compress the gaming area.

Banner ads

Larger displays such as iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and 5th generation iPod touch will have these advertisements displayed during game play. The lower area of the screen is reserved for banners but there’s a small gap between the game area and the advertising area. If a banner can’t be retrieved from iAd then the banner slides out of view.

Elevator CEO with Banner Ad

Interstitial ads

Full-screen or interstitial ads were available for iPad® running iOS 6, but this feature of iAd was introduced for all devices supporting iOS 7. These ads are only displayed between levels in the game. Knowing when and where to expect advertisements reduces how intrusive they feel. Interstitial ads before the second level was a bit too soon, in my opinion, so they’re only displayed at the second level and higher. If the interstitial can’t be retrieved from iAd then nothing is displayed and the game continues.

In-app purchase to remove ads

Say you’re tired of looking at the banners and interstitial ads. What’s left? Paying to remove ads requires an in-app purchase, which is the primary reason Elevator CEO is now version 2.0 instead of 1.5. People associate in-app purchases with play-to-win (P2W) and aggressive marketing tactics that only alienate players. Free-to-play (F2P) games can get this right if expectations are clear. I’ve tried to be concise in the game. There are two additional buttons on the More screen: Remove Ads and Restore Purchase. It’s possible no one pays to remove ads, but not providing the option to remove them seemed cynical.

Elevator CEO In-app Purchase

Built for iOS 7

Elevator CEO 2.0 is fully updated for iOS 7. This meant new icon sizes and a few optimizations to other app-level settings. I didn’t want to forego support for iOS 6 but this is the inevitable march of technology.

Ciao Italia!

Finally, Italians can enjoy a game of Elevator CEO in their native language. The list of supported languages continues to grow and Italian is the seventh.

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